PCBM T9 Flexible Hinged 9″ Markers [150/BOX]




⦁ Reflective Colors (XX): (YE) Yellow (WH) White
⦁ Reflective Sides (X): (1) Single-Faced (2) Double-Faced
⦁ Reflective Sheeting: 9 square inches of High Intensity Prismatic
⦁ Body Material: UV-stabilized polymers for long life in both work zones and permanent installations.
⦁ Compatibility: The PCBM-T9 is designed for use on top of movable barrier systems.
⦁ MUTCD Guidance: Meets the minimum MUTCD requirements for reflectivity.
Key features of Portable Concrete Barrier Markers:

⦁ PCBMs meet specifications nationwide!
⦁ Also known as a “Jersey” Barrier Marker.
⦁ Typical applications include temporary and permanent concrete barriers, concrete bridge parapets and wooden guardrail posts.
⦁ PCBM bases are pre-drilled for either adhesive or bolt mounting.
⦁ Installation: Use adhesives for a quick, reliable and less labor intensive installation. Standard pavement marking adhesives are available for purchase. Also, Dapco brand 795A Adhesive (RPMAEPOXYTUBE1P) is available thru special order.