Quick Release Black Base




⦁ Weight: 2 lbs.
⦁ The Quick Release Fixed Base is a surface mount base with our unique quick release feature designed for permanent or long term applications.
⦁ The Quick Release base feature provides the ability to change out or remove products in less than five seconds without the use of tools or special equipment.
⦁ Compatibility: Match bases with Standard and Sta-Rite Flexible Posts with quick release coupler design for quick release base.
⦁ Installation:The Quick Release Base can be installed using the anchor kit or epoxy.
⦁ Installation Notes on the Challenge of Anchoring to Asphalt: Asphalt is gravel held together with oily pitch (“Bitumen”). Unlike concrete, asphalt will yield to forces applied for extended amount of time. For this reason, the common expansion anchors (which are used on concrete) can not be used for fastening to asphalt. Any expansion anchor installed in asphalt will loosen and fail within days.