NASCO Sentinel




“Sentinel™ excels in joining comfort with durability and protection. While keeping workers safe from electric arcs and flash fires, the durable Sentinel™ material extends the usable life and level of comfort well beyond other raingear.

Multi-Hazard Protection:
Arc Rated – ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E
Flash Fire Rated – ASTM F2733
High Visibility Rated –ANSI 107 Type R, Class 3

Sentinel™ Resources & Associated Standards:
Electric Arc
ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E
Flash Fire
ASTM F2733
High Visibility
ANSI 107

Features & Benefits:
Arc and Flame Resistance – minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
Flash Fire Resistance – minimizes burn injury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
Steam and Hot Water Protection – reduces risk of burn injury from steam and hot water
Chemical Splash Resistance – minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals
Waterproof – protects workers from the elements
Soft, Flexible – maximizes worker movement and comfort
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Recommended Applications
Electric & Gas Utilities
Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Switching
Meter Service
Storm Restoration

Available Color(s):
Fluorescent Orange
Sentinel™ 4500 Series Specific Material Data:
100% FR Cotton Knit
Moisture Barrier
FR Polyurethane
Finished Weight
10 oz/yd²
Seam Construction
Dielectrically Welded with Safety Stitch

Fluorescent Lime Yellow (FY), Fluorescent Orange (FO)
Reflective Trim
3M™ Reflective material

Electric Arc Data
ASTM F1891
FY: Arc Rating (ATPV) 14 cal/cm²; HAF 87%; Breakopen 28 cal/cm²
FO: Arc Rating (ATPV) 16 cal/cm²; HAF 88%; Breakopen 32 cal/cm²

Flash Fire Data
ASTM F2733
11.75% Predicted Burn Injury

Visibility Data:
ANSI 107
Fluorescent Lime Yellow and Fluorescent Orange are ANSI 107 Class 3 Level 2 compliant

Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to oils, hydrocarbons, salts, alkalies and most alcohols; Click here for a list of chemicals tested

Sentinel™ 4500 Series Stock Items:
10 oz/yd² FR cotton knit, FR polyurethane moisture/chemical barrier, Arc Resistant (ASTM F1891, NFPA 70E) Flash Fire Resistant (ASTM F2733), Chemical Penetration (ASTM F903), ANSI 107-2010 Compliant Dielectrically Welded Seams with Safety Stitch.”