“Omega™ is the first waterproof, breathable outerwear product that combines high visibility worker conspicuity with protection from the thermal hazards associated with an electric arc flash and hydrocarbon flash fires.Breathable Layers

Omega is designed for today’s rugged work environment.

Multi-Hazard Protection:
Arc Rated – ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E Level 2
Flash Fire Rated – ASTM F2733
High Visibility Rated – ANSI 107 Type R, Class 3
Comfort Rated – ASTM E96 & F1868

Omega™ Resources & Associated Standards:
Electric Arc
ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E
Flash Fire
ASTM F2733
High Visibility
ANSI 107
ASTM E96 & F1868
Cold Weather

Features & Benefits:
Removable Winter and Arctic Liners Available – transforms raingear into a 4-season garment
ANSI 107 Class 3 Compliant – maximizes worker visibility
Fall Protection Access – allows for easy use of fall protection harness
Stain & Soil Release – allows garment to remain clean and highly visible
Chemical Splash Resistance – minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals
Electric Arc Resistance – minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
Flash Fire Resistance – minimizes burn injury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
Water & Wind Proof – protects workers from the elements
Breathable & Lightweight – reduces worker heat stress
Designed With Premier Features – maximizes worker functionality
Multi-year Life Cycle – reduces overall program cost

Recommended Applications:
Gas & Electric Utility Transmission & Distribution
Telecommunication & CATV Workers
Storm Restoration
Electrical Maintenance
Meter Service
Electrical Switching

Available Color(s):
Fluorescent Lime Yellow
Omega FR™ 5000 Series Specific Material Data:
Omega FR outer Shell; Nomex® knit inside
Moisture Barrier
Finished Weight
9 oz/yd²
Seam Construction
2 needle stitched and sealed with Nomex® tape

Fluorescent Lime Yellow (FY), Fluorescent Orange (FO)
Navy and Fluorescent Yellow (NFY), Navy and Fluorescent Orange (NFO)
Reflective Trim
3M™ Reflective material

Electric Arc Data
ASTM F1891
FY: Arc Rating (ATPV) 10.7 cal/cm²; HAF 81%; Breakopen 35 cal/cm²
FO: Arc Rating (ATPV) 11.8 cal/cm²; HAF 83%; Breakopen 36 cal/cm²
Navy: Arc (ATPV) 9.7 cal/cm²; HAF 76.8%; Breakopen >27 cal/cm²
Navy/FY – HRC 2; Navy/FO – HRC 2

Flash Fire Data
ASTM F2733
12.3% Body burn 3-second test exposure with 2 cal/cm² / second heat flux

Visibility Data
ANSI 107
Fluorescent Lime Yellow and Fluorescent Orange 5000 Series are ANSI 107 Class 3 Level 2 compliant

Breathable Data
ASTM E96 8865 g/m²/24 hrs

Omega FR™ 5000 Series Stock Items
8.5 oz/yd² Advanced Material trilaminate, ePTFE moisture barrier, Arc Resistant (ASTM F1891, NFPA 70E), Flash Fire Resistant (ASTM F2733), HiVis (ANSI 107-2010), Stitched and taped seams, waterproof, breathable, windproof, Made in the USA.”