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Tan, Plain, Right Hand, Sig Sauer P239

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FlatSider™ shoulder holster system Made in the USA from premium cowhide and solid brass hardware Features a specially contoured harness design Adjustable tension screws on the shoulder straps fit chest sizes up to 62 Flatsiding works so well on our belt slide holsters, we adapted it for shoulder holster carry! Using our special method, we molded the Aker Leather 107 FlatSider™ XR7 in fine leather to fit one’s handgun. The twin harness tabs are carefully positioned so the gun grip hangs close to the body, where it is comfortable and concealed – and there’s an adjustable tension screw that doubles as a trigger guard stop. The dual-plane open muzzle accommodates both standard and long barrels for full size or compact weapons and minimizes printing through the jacket. It is fitted with our own Comfort-Flex® double shoulder harness, which is cut from soft, strong leather and completed with a matching dual magazine pouch and provision for belt tie-down with our 104 Magazine Side Tie Down and the 105 Holster Side Tie Down. NOTE: If you are ordering a holster for a Glock Generation 4 weapon, please keep in mind that we manufacture our holsters for the factory standard version without any of the back strap attachments. Contact our customer service for more information on holster fits for Glock Generation 4 weapons.

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